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Our Approach

CMiS always approaches a project with the following elements in mind:

a.  Does it make macro economic sense?

Macro is important.   One wants to be in a market with a growing demand for a product.   No one can last when swimming upstream. Investments typically take 5 to 7 years to mature, so it makes sense to have the wind in your sails.  

b.  Does it generate foreign exchange?

CMiS will not touch a project if the source of revenue is not internationally rooted.  It's not in our genes.  If a project is based on an international market the revenue is more stable and secure.  Investors turn to CMiS to handle their 'on island' projects and affairs.     As our investors are (mainly) international, it matches up well to have our project revenue from international sources as well.  

c.  Does it create goodwill?

Any investment should seek to generate returns and create goodwill in the process.  Projects should be seen as beneficial to the community in which they are established.  Having a positive vibration will ensure the longevity of the project.  



Our Story

CMiS - Curacao Management & Investment Services - was born from the idea of several investors to pool their resources and have projects professionally planned and managed.  This principal was applied successfully, and soon CMiS extended its reach to the Caribbean.

CMiS is part of a group of family businesses that has been active in the Dutch Caribbean for four generations spanning over 90 years.  The origin of the group lies in international trade.  Over the years this has expanded to other project areas.

Our Team

With over $100mm in development projects under our belt, our team is experienced in developing and managing projects in the $5mm - $20mm range.


John Daryanani

Chief Executive Officer

John received his BSc in Economics & Finance and his MBA from Babson College, MA, USA.  After spending 20 years in international trade, John turned his focus to real estate and project development.

He is especially astute at forecasting how macro trends will catch hold and using this information to time a project for optimal returns.


Suren Daryanani

Sports Strategist 

Suren has a BSc from University of Richmond (Richmond VA) and an MBA from Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Netherlands).  After starting his career in auditing and real estate, he turned to where his passion lies: sports.  Suren is extremely astute at all that has to do with sports.  Suren is currently employed in the sports industry and is Chief Sports Strategist for CMiS.


Pike Daryanani

General Management 

Getting a project off the ground is one thing, but once its up in needs constant care and attention.  This on-going care including maintenance and related services is managed by Pike and his team of services minded professionals.


Finance & Compliance

Project planning and budget control is key to successful project development and on going management of a project.  Dan and is team of accountants keeps an eye on the numbers.


Sourcing Specialist

Aroon is an international trade specialist with unparalleled sourcing ability.  As most CMiS project involve large investments in real estate, it becomes key to be able to source materials efficiently.   Aroon makes sure materials are sourced in a timely and efficient manner.


Construction Supervision

Norman has over 20 years of experience working with contractors and taking care of project supervision and quality control.  Keeping a project within budget and on time is an important part of his responsibilities when on a project.


Education Specialist

With over 20 years of expertise in education in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname, Judith knows her way around.  Given the growing importance of education as part of the CMiS development strategy, Judith's expertise in this area is much sought after.


Legal & Structure 

Projects need to be properly structured.  Especially when it concerns cross border transactions and multiple jurisdictions.  Curacao has the benefit of being part of the Dutch Kingdom and being a financial center.   CMiS works closely with a team of legal and tax experts to plan the most beneficial and compliant long term structures.



Technology is an of increasing importance in todays world given the fact that projects need to be 'smart' about anything from communications, to security to utilities.  Euro is familiar with design and implementation of technology in various types of projects.

Optimize your return ...

With a track record of achieving double digit returns, CMiS is well positioned to execute projects in the Dutch Caribbean.